20,000 Leagues Above The Clouds

I was keeping an eye on the above game development as it involved some awesome looking airships and game dynamics within a steampunk vibe – and was looking forward to playing the game on release.

There haven’t been any updates for a year or so and this wasn’t boding well, until recently confirmed by the developers that the game has been cancelled due to lack of funding options from publishers.

What a shame, there was vision and style evident in the demo and art work. But games of any calibre take a lot of work and investment I guess. Maybe the guys can come back to it in the future, perhaps try a crowd funding campaign.

The Lure of Airship Adventure

For me the concept of airships and adventure complement each other completely.

And it seems many movie makers agree, here are a few from movies across the decades:

The Hyperion (a bit worse for wear in this shot) from The Island at the Top of the World (Disney 1974)
Airship from The Mummy 2
Stardust Airship
Airship from The Last Crusade
Airships featured briefly in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Quest / Goal Control Within Cogwheel Chronicles

There will initially be 16 quests within the first incarnation of Cogwheel Chronicles – these will range in difficulty and some will only be available once others are completed to (mostly) facilitate pace and learning of game play.

Quests can be found within the Cal-Landan air city at the Elektrikal Wizard free house and the Tesla Transport & Telegraph offices:

PBR Dragons Redux – Or Musings On If Cogwheel Chronicles Should Go PBR?

I don’t think I can ignore PBR for Cogwheel Chronicles – the uplift in pure ‘niceness’ due to the improved lighting is too much to not include:

Cathodia Callan – side by side comparison of PBR to DNS

However, can’t afford to move it all to PBR – many many assets already in the game world – too many to convert so will have to stick with some signature pieces and terrains and hope I can smooth out the lighting on the non PBR content.