Quest / Goal Control Within Cogwheel Chronicles

There will initially be 16 quests within the first incarnation of Cogwheel Chronicles – these will range in difficulty and some will only be available once others are completed to (mostly) facilitate pace and learning of game play.

Quests can be found within the Cal-Landan air city at the Elektrikal Wizard free house and the Tesla Transport & Telegraph offices:

PBR Dragons Redux – Or Musings On If Cogwheel Chronicles Should Go PBR?

I don’t think I can ignore PBR for Cogwheel Chronicles – the uplift in pure ‘niceness’ due to the improved lighting is too much to not include:

Cathodia Callan – side by side comparison of PBR to DNS

However, can’t afford to move it all to PBR – many many assets already in the game world – too many to convert so will have to stick with some signature pieces and terrains and hope I can smooth out the lighting on the non PBR content.

Parallax Occlusion Mapping

I’ve implemented POM into favourite game engine, also ‘Offset Bump Mapping’. Will have to use these techniques sparingly in Cogwheel Chronicles as Parallax Occlusion Mapping takes a lot of extra height map texture reads to calculate the final texture UVs. The results are pretty good – especially for rocky paths, caves and such like:

Parallax Occlusion Mapping Comparison

The first is normal ‘normal mapping’, followed by POM (deep crevices), then OBM (‘super normals’).

Volumetric Height Based Fog

Volumetric Height Based Fog

Fog is a very important game component for Cogwheel Chronicles – it is almost a character in the story itself.

Up until now though the fog has been pretty boring, so have now implemented a swirling height based fog effect into the game. Once you’re up in the skies on your airship / biplane / steamhawk / jetpack you can leave it all below but down near sea-level a dense poisonous fog envelopes and swirls.