Cyan Eyed – Superb Steampunk Film

“Cyan Eyed” movie is a triumph of plot, engaging characters, special effects and music within a steampunk world.

I’ve only just come across this spectacular film and it so resonates with the vibe of what I imagine and am trying to build for the ‘Cogwheel Chronicles’ game, it is almost spooky 🙂

It has sentient steam mechs, magic, airships, personable villains … it’s just brilliant. The VFX and the orchestral score and sound help to viscerally bring it to life. A huge labour of love and it is an absolutely stunning achievement.

Enough … just watch it!

Cyan Eyed Movie – Watch Full Screen & Turn Up the Sound 🙂

“Cyan Eyed” .. “Cyanide” (love it)

No dev updates for 15 months!

I couldn’t quite believe the last update on here was December 2020, so will have to get back in the habit of at least monthly posts (not that I believe many or probably any people read these to be honest – but it is a chronicle of sorts for me).

A lot of development work has been underway with Cogwheel Chronicles, so I may ‘time travel’ and now apply historical posts, based on the date the work was completed over the last year or so.

Most significantly as of this month, is the full release of Unreal Engine 5.0 ( out of early access now). So rather than wait any longer, a couple of days has been spent updating the Cogwheel game universe to the new platform. Some interesting results and observations here – and some issues to work through! More on this in next post.

unreal engine 5.0 launched