20,000 Leagues Above The Clouds

I was keeping an eye on the above game development as it involved some awesome looking airships and game dynamics within a steampunk vibe – and was looking forward to playing the game on release.

There haven’t been any updates for a year or so and this wasn’t boding well, until recently confirmed by the developers that the game has been cancelled due to lack of funding options from publishers.

What a shame, there was vision and style evident in the demo and art work. But games of any calibre take a lot of work and investment I guess. Maybe the guys can come back to it in the future, perhaps try a crowd funding campaign.

The Lure of Airship Adventure

For me the concept of airships and adventure complement each other completely.

And it seems many movie makers agree, here are a few from movies across the decades:

The Hyperion (a bit worse for wear in this shot) from The Island at the Top of the World (Disney 1974)
Airship from The Mummy 2
Stardust Airship
Airship from The Last Crusade
Airships featured briefly in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen