Cyan Eyed – Superb Steampunk Film

“Cyan Eyed” movie is a triumph of plot, engaging characters, special effects and music within a steampunk world.

I’ve only just come across this spectacular film and it so resonates with the vibe of what I imagine and am trying to build for the ‘Cogwheel Chronicles’ game, it is almost spooky 🙂

It has sentient steam mechs, magic, airships, personable villains … it’s just brilliant. The VFX and the orchestral score and sound help to viscerally bring it to life. A huge labour of love and it is an absolutely stunning achievement.

Enough … just watch it!

Cyan Eyed Movie – Watch Full Screen & Turn Up the Sound 🙂

“Cyan Eyed” .. “Cyanide” (love it)

New Hero Steampunk Airship

steampunk airship

Some elements of 3d kitbashing have gone on to create this new hero airship for Cogwheel Chronicles. As much as I might want to create everything from scratch, I just don’t have the time at the moment.

Still, I think it looks OK rendering in Unreal and looks pretty cool in action with flapping wings and spinning rotors.

The Lure of Airship Adventure

For me the concept of airships and adventure complement each other completely.

And it seems many movie makers agree, here are a few from movies across the decades:

The Hyperion (a bit worse for wear in this shot) from The Island at the Top of the World (Disney 1974)
Airship from The Mummy 2
Stardust Airship
Airship from The Last Crusade
Airships featured briefly in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen