Volumetric Height Based Fog

Volumetric Height Based Fog

Fog is a very important game component for Cogwheel Chronicles – it is almost a character in the story itself.

Up until now though the fog has been pretty boring, so have now implemented a swirling height based fog effect into the game. Once you’re up in the skies on your airship / biplane / steamhawk / jetpack you can leave it all below but down near sea-level a dense poisonous fog envelopes and swirls.


PBR & Dragons

To move to PBR or not to move to PBR that is the current question ….

Physically Based Rendering is pretty awesome – all major game studios and game titles use it – but they of course often have hundreds of millions to spend and many dedicated artists, programmers, designers etc. What does a severely limited indie developer do?

Still mulling this one over, but while I do here is a test PBR dragon in the Cogwheel Chronicles world:

PBR Dragon


Anaglyph 3D

Old school 3D using red/cyan spectacles (remember those) is making somewhat of a comeback – OK not really – VR is the new 3D I know – however I actually like the affect (probably as it brings back memories of youth) and a pair of decent stereo 3D anaglyph glasses is very cheap.

Probably just make it an add on option for those old school diehards who also like it 🙂

cogwheel chronicles anaglyph 3d


NSA Exploits & Ransomware

Well this blog trundled on quite nicely for 5 years or so then got bush-wacked by a server failure (total data loss – not backed up – I know, I know) about this time last year.

Last week the NSA exploits that the hacking group ‘ShadowBrokers’ stole and released into the wild, together with a payload of ransomware killed this blog again.

So resurrected for the second time in just over a year. Anything else happens, won’t bother to do it again.

Mr Hyde

Does a top hat make a retro Victorian Hulk? Not sure if Mr Hyde is destined for evil or  good within the Cogwheel Chronicles universe … he’s looking a bit green maybe?