Cogwheel Chronicles – The Ellenora Airship

Those who remember Jules Verne’s intrepid adventurers who journey to the center of the earth, may recall they commence their travels on a steamer called the Ellenora. This name has been adopted for the flagship hero steampunk airship that you get to fly in Cogwheel Chronicles. Still some tweaking to be done, but a sneak preview below:


Not really a first post, but hey ho …

Encountered a catastrophic data loss recently when all VPS settings and data were wiped in a certain (well documented by the press) incident.

All our critical data had backups to be reapplied but one aspect that had none was this blog (a conscious decision, blog posts aren’t critical, are they?)

On reflection though, we should have had a back-up strategy for this blog … 5 years of posts have been lost, and whilst not really that big a deal, I kind of miss the online diary aspects to look back on.

Also apologies to anyone who used any of the posts for valuable insight into, well anything that was included (this might be unlikely I know) but they have now gone for good.

So the casual musings continue from this date onwards …. goodbye to the last 5 years!